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Sirocco Scratch Ticket
Number of remaining tickets :2807 / 3000
Win GBP 875
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Ticket to Scratch Monaco
Number of remaining tickets :2740 / 3400
Win GBP 175
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Discover Bug Prank
Bug Prank
Billy the Pig brings you a new Game for sharp eyes :)
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Discover Zombie Academy
loot game Zombie Academy
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Discover Battle
Battle Booty Game
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  • 5
- JR check -
Posted by : moumoune1980
Well received the check won on JR on March 1st.
Thanks to the whole team.
Read the Message     Posted on : 07/04/2021 12:58:40
  • 5
- thank you -
Posted by : laeteli

I play more for fun, always adored your sites even if for some time it is not the same thing. n having never received the coloring book won on wonderz for my chip nor a winning the cup I was surprised but I did receive the check for 2 euros thank you very much.
Your sites relax me the earnings for me c is a bonus.
Good luck to all
Read the Message     Posted on : 07/04/2021 10:06:50
  • 5
- check wins -
Posted by : flamsal
Thank you very much for the 5 euro check received yesterday.
Read the Message     Posted on : 30/03/2021 09:38:01
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